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A Lamp and a Light!

Singers! I was turning on my desk lamp to write this post, and realized that the lamp is very similar to the singing instrument, i.e. there are similarities in the main tenets or factors of the generator, vibrator, resonators, and articulators. The singing instrument uses a power source (generator), a music box that creates the sound (vibrator), chest, head, bucchal (mouth), masque (face) places of quality buzzing and sound emanation (resonators), and the lips, teeth, tongue to aid in the pronunciation and formation of speech (articulators). My lamp here seems very similar. The plug (generator) connects with a power source (thank you, ConEd) similar to the breath coming into the body. Pulled from the ether as a power source (like electricity or air). That air then goes into a base (the human body) - the lungs, and is supported by various physical groups including the diaphragm, intercostals, back, and muscles below the navel. This is similar to the decorative base of a lamp. The voice box (larynx, etc.) is similar to where the lightbulb screws into the base (vibrator) and is open spacial and formed without crushing. The generator and vibrator connect. The lightbulb filament is similar to the vocal cords creating the quality of speech and singing, the space inside the light bulb is where the shine occurs; similar to the placement and reflection of sound (resonators). The light the bulb shines is similar to the sound, and music a singer radiates; and the lamp shade diffuses and shapes that shine, much like the lips, teeth, tongue, etc., shape the word, and tone (articulators). Just a thought. Enjoy!

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