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Cool Drink: Ah!

Singers! Breathing example. Y'know when it is a hot day, and you drink a cool-refreshing drink and then you utter: "Ah". Try and do that now. Now do it with a closed mouth. Breathe in, open mouth with the: up (soft palate), down (larynx) and fill (breath in the body); close the mouth, keep it closed and say: "ah". You should feel connection, and almost hear an ocean like wave sound resonating in your mouth and neck. The ocean wave sound is important. Now, do the same but prolong it and say ah, closed mouth, for 6-10 seconds. Now, do the same inhale and then the same prolonged "ah" (ocean wave) closed mouth but put your thumb on your navel and the pinky will position lower. Try to send, with connection and constancy (but no physical rigidness), the belly button (thumb) and below (pinky) sinking into the spine. And finally, do the same but with an open mouth and quietly say "ah" for 6-10 seconds. Now do the same but on a comfortable mid-range pitch for 6-10 seconds. This is breath, support, and control. Enjoy!

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