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Preparing the Instrument!

Singers! Preparing the Instrument: When a pianist puts her fingers on the keys, sits in front of the keyboard, and places the foot near the pedals, she is preparing the musician to play the instrument. A trumpeter will fix the embouchure (singers have an embouchure also that will be discussed in another post) and arm just so to create the proper need and alignment to play the trumpet. Singers need to do similar effects. It is not just getting air into the body, we do that because we are human beings, well most of us. Air is needed for the instrument because a singer is a wind instrument. However, that air must be supported and also controlled. To prepare the instrument the singer must think of space and breath. These four aspects will greatly assist the technical foundation: 1. UP 2. DOWN 3. FILL 4. FOLLOW THROUGH. Space of soft palate (Up), SLIGHT drop to provide space from the larynx (Down), lining the body with just enough air (Fill), and then controlling and supporting; two inches below the navel while the diaphragm, lungs, and intercostals work in tandem; that air amidst maintaining cord closure and full surge or flooding of the resonators (Follow Through). Enjoy!

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