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Feels like the first time...

Singers/Actors! When you sing a text is it a poem, a lyric, or a monologue? Is it really even a text? Any singer is saying words on pitch, and those words are a vehicle of expression, narrative, emotion, etc. The words must be as if that singer is talking, forming, engaging the words for the first time, to express what is needed, but more importantly to aid, educate, deepen, and progress the scene partner (whoever that may be), and the audience. Even the best Shakespeare Sonnet or The Gettysburg Address when said, is not the form, yes, respect of the form is made to further promote the words of the message, but the creation of the (pre-written) message is always primary. A story teller tells as if the story (and the word story is purposely vague in this setting) is happening in this moment, because for the listener it is. Enjoy!

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