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john tedeschi



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In my hopefully-humble way, I strive to create a formidable impact on the perception of singing.  I profoundly desire and steadfastly work to progress, improve, turn-around and often change the attitude of theater singing to one of great art, health, longevity, stamina, fundamental prowess, capacity of vocal nuance, ever increasing mastery, skill, superb technique and a thorough and developing understanding of the vocal instrument - an instrument fully integrated to the body, mind, and determination, that is further coupled with the acting and dance instrument. Quite simply screaming, straining, and sheer gumption is never singing. Singing in its purest is about breath, generator, and space; and the varying styles used by and with the instrument.  Those styles are compelling, strong, heartfelt, human, and beautiful, to name a few adjectives, but must be grounded in technique; it is about understanding the mechanics of the instrument and optimally adhering to the needs of that individual and unique voice in a way that will bring out the best lifelong practice for the singing-actor, whether an early beginner or veteran.  As a teacher we support, encourage, enrich, govern, laugh, censure with tough-love, share, and guide throughout the student's progress - I am eager for that dauntless journey.   

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