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Stability of support is a foundation for placement, range, versatility, focus and stamina. With John’s technique, your breath, velum, larynx, vocal cords, posture, alignment, body, and soul will promote the true unique artist in you to emerge with color, capacity, depth, volume and nuance, and longevity.


Musical Theater, Extremely Rangy Mix Belt, Legit, Classical/Bel Canto, Rock, Pop, Opera, Comic, Contemporary - and all styles in between are taught. John teaches that technique and style are two very distinct forums and good solid technique will help the singer perform any style necessary. 


Performance Techniques, Acting, Repertory Selections, and Audition Preparation are worked strongly as well. Strong Musical and Acting choices are discussed and coached for optimal Story- Telling...the singer must use the voice to paint the text.

The student will process and integrate the performing skills into a unified whole.  These skills are Singing, Acting and Movement but also call upon Research, Connections, Resources, Well-Being, Health, Fashion, Savvy and Survival. 



30 minutes--------------------$95

45 minutes--------------------$105

  60 minutes--------------------$125



30 minutes--------------------$75

45 minutes--------------------$95

60 minutes--------------------$105


30 minutes--------------------$65

45 minutes--------------------$75

60 minutes--------------------$95

Newly Graduated or Current Student 
Emerging Professional
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