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Trevor Pierce

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Micah Young

Charlie Alterman


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Dr. Lane Krevitt


Ann Robideaux

Nick Demos


Andrew Gibbons


Miles Mandewille

piano tuning

Timothy Nuernberger

Nuernberger Piano Co.

(929) 264-7228,

recommended reading: 

True and False -  Mamet

Thank you very much - Ostrow

The Open Door - Brook

Letters to a young artist - Deavere Smith

The actor's guide to creating a character - William Esper/DiMarco

The complete professional audition - Cohen 

Broadway Musicals Show by Show - Green

The Stanislavski System - Moore

Auditioning - Merlin

The ultimate audition book - Beard

The enraged accompanist's guide - Gerle

Nail your next audition - Williams

True acting tips - Silverberg

Audition success - Greene

Theater for beginners - Maxwell

Acting from a spiritual perspectrive - Bild

#SOBLESSED - @Actor_Friend

Winning Auditions - Brandon

Art & Fear - Bayles/Orland

Rock the audition - Sanders

Damn good advice - Lois

The creativity book - Maisel

The Van Gogh blues - Maisel

The path of least resistance - Fritz

10-Minute toughness - Selk

Relentless - Grover

The art of being - Jones

The war of art - Pressfield

The experience of opera - Lang

The inner voice - Fleming

Let the part play you - Jesse

The singing and acting handbook - De Mallet Burgess/Skillbeck

On singing onstage - Craig

Solutions for singers - Miller

Principles on voice production - Titze

Vocal wisdom - Lamperti

Basics of vocal pedagogy - Ware

The tenor voice - Frisell

Self-reliance and other essays - Emerson

A room of one's own - Woolf

The pocket Rumi - edited: Helminski

The life of Michelangelo - Vasari

more to add very soon...

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